Bob harper dating contestant

I look into their eyes and they're looking at me for help. NBC is keeping mum about the identity of the trainers -- a dramatic reveal is in the works.And no word on how or if those trainers will compete among themselves to replace Jillian, or whether both will stick around for Season 12.


off the street or trail during the intense wildfires. Dolvett's recommending everyone in health-conscious L.

He has never suffered from high blood pressure and didn't think he was at risk."While his mother passed away from heart issues, our source says that she was not as healthy as Bob.

And while there is a genetic connection, Bob "always tried to live his life in the healthiest way possible to avoid this kind of incident."Through an Instagram post shared on Tuesday morning, Bob thanked fans for all their support while delivering an update on his recovery."I'm required to wear these monitors to see what my heart is doing throughout the day," he wrote while posing shirtless.

host and famed fitness trainer Bob Harper is currently recovering from a serious heart attack that left him completely unconscious for two days, Radar has learned.

According to reports, the 51-year-old collapsed while working out in a New York City gym earlier this month."It continues to be fresh for me." He said he will miss Michaels and understands his sidekick's desire for something new and different. And the contestants will have a difficult choice to make between the certain and the uncertain: They can choose to stay at the ranch and work out with Bob and Jillian -- and face elimination after the first week's weigh-in.


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