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Therefore, most miracles are natural phenomena with awesomely good timing.But to this rule, the Ten Plagues are a notable exception.


After the destruction of the First Temple they're going to cease, although arguably the Jews couldn't have survived this long without continual hidden miracles.

The Ten Plagues were designed by God to flip all the laws of nature on end to demonstrate ― not just for the Jewish people but for all of humanity, for all of history ― that He alone controls all of nature, all of the physical world, and that there is nothing outside of His control.

If we examine the plagues carefully we can readily see that each one was designed to show God's control of all forces in nature: water and earth, fire and ice, insects, reptiles and mammals, light and darkness, and finally, life and death.

Judaism holds that nature does not act independently of God, but, at the same time, God created the laws of nature and does not like to interfere with them.

God is certainly capable of doing whatever He likes, but He doesn't play around with the physical world and its workings.

There is some circumstantial evidence that should be mentioned.


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