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Let’s teach the topic from an academic perspective, rather than a spiritual one.

What if students have a spiritual experience and want to dive further into a practice that we aren’t qualified to teach?

I wore mala beads I never used for meditation, collected deity sculptures I placed in the wrong parts of my home, and had Sanskrit I was a walking example of cultural appropriation.


I couldn’t possibly imagine how people experience this period of limbo with nothing to do.Like yoga (and tennis and any habit), total honesty takes practice. When sex enters the picture, it intensifies everything. When bridging the gap between friendly love and romantic love, it’s best to define the relationship’s boundaries frequently. Act with integrity, and share your intentions for yourself and for the relationship with your partner. It leaves me feeling like I am trying to sell a 40-year-old car with a bad CARFAX.

I wrote it at age 25, newly graduated from yoga teacher training and enchanted with the rituals and symbols of a society I knew little about.

I assume that’s why they have things like and Tinder.


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    He was eventually acquitted of that charge, and his career has continued uninterrupted, but for the most part he has evaded even the most basic questions that might help people understand what is true about him.

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    Casimir III the Great is the only Polish king to receive the title of Great.

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