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Her mother cannot bring herself to explain the facts about conception clearly to Wendla, despite knowing her daughter is reaching puberty.

Instead, she simply tells Wendla that to conceive a child a woman must love her husband with all of her heart.

Moritz has eagerly digested the essay that Melchior prepared for him, but complains that his new knowledge has only made his dreams even more vivid and torturous.

Melchior tries to calm and comfort his friend, but Moritz runs off in frustration.

Martha admits that she has a crush on Moritz, but is made fun of by the other girls.

At the top of the list is the radical, intelligent, and good-looking Melchior ("My Junk").

The other girls are horrified to hear this, but Martha makes them promise not to tell anyone, lest she end up like Ilse, a friend from childhood who now wanders homeless and aimless after her similarly abusive parents kicked her out of the house ("The Dark I Know Well").

Later, Wendla finds Melchior again at his spot in the woods and tells him about Martha's abuse.


In the musical, alternative rock is employed as part of the folk-infused rock score.

Moritz, who is not comfortable talking about the subject with Melchior, requests that he give him the information in the form of an essay, complete with illustrations.


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