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Halfway through, Beth dismounts and begins staring at a 19th century tombstone marked with the epitaph "beloved father".Daryl looks at it too, then pulls some flowers from the ground and places them on the tombstone. The two remain silent but are seen squeezing the grip of their hand holding.Daryl helps Beth walk through the forest, until they come upon a graveyard being overlooked by a large house.


Daryl notes that they don't have a speck of dust on them, meaning that someone had put them there recently, and that someone was indeed living in the house.

Bob asks Sasha where Maggie is, and she responds that she is getting firewood.

Bob asks Sasha if she wants to stop, to which she replies yes. She tells him that Glenn is probably dead, and that they need to stop at the first town they come across, and set up residence there.

Bob, however, agrees with Maggie, and Sasha is forced to agree with them.

Daryl and Beth explore the funeral home at the graveyard.One day, as he is wandering around, Daryl Dixon and Glenn Rhee approach him.


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