Who is kira knightley dating dating fro married men


Mc Avoy, 28, reciprocated the compliment saying, “I was blown away by Keira.

The amount of poise and grace she has is just incredible.” In , a war drama set in 1935, Knightley plays plays Cecilia Tallis, an upper-class beauty whose fledgling love affair with the housekeeper’s son (James Mc Avoy) is destroyed by a tragic misunderstanding.

The press loved her, and wherever she went, so did her hot boyfriend, an up-and-coming Northern Irish model called Jamie Dornan, whose first big job was with Abercrombie & Fitch.She also donates a huge amount of money in different INGO’s and raised fund for helpless people.Keira earned numerous awards and trophy in her acting career including etc. She was caught in a controversy after Director John Carney said he will never sign Knightly after they did a movie called Begin Again alongside famous pop singer and actor Adam Levine.After that, roles in the likes of Once Upon a Time, The Fall, and Fifty Shades of Grey made him a household name.


And while both stars are now happily married to other people (both with young daughters), we can't help wondering what would have happened if this power couple had gone the distance.

Edit She cast in the movie “Pirates of Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest’ appeared”.



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