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'Andthe more these processes move into the IVF lab, the further we distanceourselves from the beauty and significance of the natural act ofconception.' So topical is the issue of donor sperm that a Hollywood film, to bereleased in Britain in October, will deal with the controversialfall-out.

The Kids Are All Right, featuring a lesbian coupleplayed by Julianne Moore and Annette Bening, considers the story oftheir two teenage children who track down their sperm donor father andinsist on forging a relationship with him.

'So you can imagine that a sperm donor might make the decision to do so quite carelessly, especially when money is involved.

'There is the sense, too, with any conception outside the womb that you're creating a product in a laboratory.

He also provided spermthat created eight other children; each of them a half-brother orhalf-sister to Narelle.

'Out there, in the world, is a whole family I will never know and who will never know me,' she says.

'Adoption is very different - not only can you usually find yourreal parents, but also you don't have to cope with the psychologicaleffects of knowing you were conceived in a test tube. 'Being a sperm donor child makes you question everything about your humanity.

'Ican honestly say that no matter how desperate I might be for a child, I'd never use a sperm donor.

'It was the worst possible way to be told - the man I thought was myfather suddenly said: "That's it. There's something Ineed to tell you right now." ' The shocking news was then imparted with callous disregard for Chloe's feelings.

Each year since 1992, around 2,000 children have been born annually in Britain from donor eggs or sperm.

So the identity crisis felt by donor children is set to worsen in the years ahead.

'A woman donating eggs goesthrough a potentially risky invasive procedure.


By contrast, it isquick, easy and risk-free to donate sperm,' she says.Nearly half of those surveyed by the Commission on Parenthood's Future were disturbed that money was involved in their conception.



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